Black Hat 2006のレポート

SearchSecurityによるBlack Hat 2006のレポート。 special coverage: Black Hat 2006
Black Hat notebook: Flying under the radar

First details on a security vendor in stealth mode, security pros have keen interest in Windows Vista and a new problem looms for BlackBerrys.

Spyware war may be a losing effort, experts say

Black Hat: Spyware is a top concern among security professionals, but experts say there may be no technology that can stop its spread. Instead, the spyware battle may need to be waged on a different front.

RSS, Atom feeds ripe for attack

Black Hat: A researcher demonstrates how RSS and Atom feeds can spread the payload of a zero-day attack. His advice? Subscribe to feeds with care.

Ajax threats worry researchers
Black Hat: While it makes smooth Web applications like Google Maps possible, the rush to adopt Ajax may fuel haphazard development and a feeding frenzy among hackers.