日本では既に日商エレ、CTC等が代理店を取っているみたいですが。 – Startup Azul steps into the data center
Startup Azul steps into the data center
IDG News Service 2/25/05
Robert McMillan, IDG News Service, San Francisco Bureau
If Stephen DeWitt gets his way, the data center will become a much cooler place. Literally.
On a recent tour of his company’s new customer briefing center in Mountain View, California, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Azul Systems Inc. buzzed around rack after rack of his company’s hardware, barely able to contain his excitement. “Put your hand there,” DeWitt said, pointing to the back of one of the as-yet-unnamed Azul systems. “No heat.”

Sayonara, Seranoa?

Light Reading – Networking the Telecom Industry
FEBRUARY 21, 2005
Sayonara, Seranoa?
WAN acceleration startup Seranoa Networks Inc. appears to be headed for the all-too-familiar assets sale.
Sources say the company is either dead or at least pining for the fjords. Repeated calls to various Seranoa officials were not returned, and board member Tim Kraskey of YankeeTek Ventures told Light Reading he couldn’t comment on Seranoa’s situation.

ForumがIBM Autonomic Computing Toolkit と連携

Web Services Journal
Forum Using IBM Autonomic Computing Toolkit In Security Solution
Forum Security Learns From Its Mistakes
February 22, 2005
Forum Systems announced it will leverage technology demonstrated in the IBM Autonomic Computing Toolkit to advance its Forum’s Seamless Security Solutions Architecture.

特定企業を狙うフィッシング – NWF Taming the ever-evolving phish risk

Taming the ever-evolving phish risk
Taming the ever-evolving phish risk
By Cara Garretson
Network World, 01/31/05

セイコープレシジョン 時刻認証局(TSA)構築用 タイムスタンプサーバ「SX-3640 TSS」】

FIPS140-2 レベル3のセキュリティモジュールとはどれか?
e-文書法対応タイムスタンプサーバ「SX-3640 TSS」時刻監査サーバ「SX-3640 TAC」新発売のお知らせ


Robert Ortegaというのは、Convexでエンジニアをやっていた奴か?
グリッドに汎用アプリケーションを乗せるのに、DataSynapse Inc.’s GridServer というツールを使っている模様。
Users eye computer grids as potential servers for mainstream apps – Computerworld
Computer grids are emerging as potential application servers for mainstream business uses, which could broaden their deployment in corporate enterprises, said IT managers and vendors who attended the GlobusWorld conference here last week.
But Robert Ortega, Wachovia’s vice president of architecting and engineering, said he believes grid computing may be ready for broader use. “We have started thinking of the grid as a virtual application server,” said Ortega, who outlined his work with the technology during a presentation at the conference.
Wachovia is testing a new version of New York-based DataSynapse Inc.’s GridServer software, which would allow Ortega to move application servers based on technology such as J2EE or .Net to the grid. “We’re looking at this thing as a platform for running the services that make up an SOA,” he said, referring to a service-oriented architecture.