Service-oriented hype to meet hard realities

Service-oriented hype to meet hard realities
By John Fontana
Network World, 11/01/04
Hype alone would have IT executives believe that in coming years service-oriented architectures will be as standard within companies as morning coffee.
But network professionals and industry analysts say it won’t be that easy, because SOA is something you build, not buy.
Also needed are new twists on middleware to battle latency and ensure service-level guarantees. This is especially true in the face of a glut of messages from XML and Web services that will swamp the network and require specialized acceleration hardware, policy enforcement points, protocol translation engines, application layer routing, improved caching techniques and traffic management.
“We’re not talking about packets anymore; we’re talking about messages passing through the network that are making things happen. It’s a big shift,” says Eugene Kuznetsov, founder and CTO of DataPower, which develops hardware for improving the performance and security of XML traffic. He says the shift will affect software and infrastructure.