Deep in Coma: エアギター世界選手権”

Deep in Coma: エアギター世界選手権

Details of Microsoft antivirus software

Details of Microsoft antivirus software leak out – News – ZDNet
By Matt Hines and Christophe Guillemin
July 28, 2004, 12:49 PM PT
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An executive of Microsoft in France divulged on Wednesday some of the software maker’s plans for its highly anticipated entry into the antivirus software market.
A standalone antivirus product will be built from tools the company inherited through its 2003 acquisitions of GeCad and Pelican Software, according to a report published in CNET’s sister publication, ZDNet France, citing the technical head of Microsoft’s security project in that country, Nicolas Mirail.

MS NAP: Microsoft technology needs others’ help

Microsoft technology needs others’ help
By John Fontana
Network World, 07/19/04
Microsoft’s jump into client inspection and isolation technology will need cooperation with third parties and integration with multi-vendor software and hardware packages for customers to see the full benefits, users and analysts say.
Microsoft NAPとCisco NACをめぐるクライアント認証、検疫システムの攻防について。

Watchfire buys application security company Sanctum – Watchfire buys application security company Sanctum
IDG News Service 7/26/04
Paul Roberts, IDG News Service, Boston Bureau
Business management software company Watchfire Corp. will buy Sanctum Inc., which makes Web application testing products for an undisclosed amount, Watchfire said Monday.

DataPower Integrates XML, Non-XML Data –
DataPower Integrates XML, Non-XML Data
July 26, 2004
DataPower Integrates XML, Non-XML Data
By Clint Boulton
Capitalizing on the increased interest in safeguarding the delivery of Web services, (define) security appliance maker DataPower rolled out a new networking device that makes XML and non-XML data usable for mainframes, enterprise service buses (ESBs) (define) and application integration.

DataPower Ships XI50 XML Integration Appliance

DataPower Ships XI50 XML Integration Appliance, New Product Announcement Drives Application Oriented Networking (AON)
Pricing and Availability
DataPower XI50 Integration Appliance product is available immediately, priced from $50,000 to $75,000, depending on options and quantities. For more information, please contact DataPower today at 1 617 864 0455 x2 or
Announced today. Price restructuring? What are the additional functionality?

Appliance controls RFID traffic

Appliance controls RFID traffic
By Ann Bednarz
Network World, 07/05/04
As companies begin to scale their radio frequency identification implementations from pilot to production mode, gear brought online for reading wireless tags needs to be on par with corporate network standards.
In a production environment, RFID readers need to behave less like simple radio transceivers that pass along unfiltered data and more like network routers capable of routing data intelligently between systems. “An RFID reader can’t be some weird thing that you can’t authenticate or manage remotely,” says Kevin Ashton, vice president of marketing at ThingMagic, a start-up that makes RFID readers.